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Keep an Eye on Your Home and Stay Protected with Security Camera

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Finally Feel Safe. Secure Your Home Whenever You Are

Meet the  Security Cam.

The company behind the this home security breakthrough recruited top engineers from the electric vehicle industry to build their latest model

The goal was to make a low cost and low maintenance security camera unit that is suitable for any home or office. And they succeded, this camera stunned the whole industry with this innovative model of screwing into any standard light bulb socket.

Compared to the traditional doorbell cameras which are stuck and don’t move, this records in much higher resolution, can see 360°, has motion tracking, two way audio, blaring alarms to scare away intruders, night vision, bright lights, controlled by an app on iOS or Android, and doesn’t rely on batteries or wires for it’s power.

Save $800 Annually on Complex Security Systems with  Security Camera: Enjoy Affordable Security and Benefits

Easy To Install - Just Replace Regular Bulb

Simply screw it into a light socket and then follow the manual to set up. The installation is as easy as replacing a light bulb!

360-Degree Panoramic View Angle with 1080p Image Resolution

What makes the OptaPower camera unique is its ability to use advanced motion tracking to follow anyone or anything it sees for 360°! Unlike your doorbell cam which can only see in one direction and can't move, this camera moves all around.

See What’s Happening Live In HD Video Anytime – Day or Night

See inside your house on your smartphone no matter where you are with OptaPower HD video and built-in infrared night vision.

Get Alerts Right on Your Phone Whenever Movement Is Detected

OptaPower's latest chip technology lets you customize motion detection zones, so you are only alerted to movements that matter to you.

Hear and Talk to Family, Friends, or Visitors Through Your App

OptaPower lets you see what’s happening in your home, but also to hear and speak – it’s like being home even when you’re not.

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